Right Activist Comdr Ojumude Tosan Bishop Supports Call for creation of warri state

By Chinedu Nzogbu Apr13,2024 #Itsekiri #Warri

Right Activist Comdr Ojumude Tosan Bishop Supports Call for creation of warri state

On April 13, 2024, in the Niger Delta, indigenous minority rights activist Mr. Ojumude Bishop voiced his support for the establishment of Warri State. This move, he believes, is crucial in addressing the challenges faced by the Itsekiri ethnic group in Nigeria.

In a statement released last Friday, Mr. Bishop emphasized the importance of creating special regions or states that cater to the needs of minority ethnic groups. He pointed out that the memorandum presented by the Itsekiri Leaders of Thought (ILoT) not only seeks to benefit the Itsekiri people but also aims to steer Nigeria back on the right path since its amalgamation in 1914.

The activist’s stance reflects a broader call for restructuring and recognizing the diverse ethnicities within Nigeria. By advocating for a separate state for the Itsekiri, he highlights the significance of cultural preservation and political representation for minority groups in the country.

I implore the esteemed members of the National House of Assembly to consider the impassioned plea submitted by the Itsekiri Leaders of Thought (ILoT) regarding the urgent need for minority protection within the Nigerian constitution. The ILoT’s memorandum eloquently highlights the historical marginalization faced by the Itsekiri people, despite their significant contributions to the nation’s oil and gas sector.

The proposal to include a minority protection clause, akin to the one present in the defunct Midwestern Nigeria Constitution, is not just a matter of political representation – it is a fundamental issue of justice and equality. With Itsekiri’s vital role in sustaining the nation’s economy, it is only fair that they are accorded the necessary protection and representation in our democratic governance structure.

The ILoT’s call for the creation of a Warri State as a solution to the minority problem deserves serious consideration, as it could pave the way for meaningful inclusion and empowerment of marginalized ethnic groups. I urge the House of Representatives Committee on Constitution Review to uphold the principles of Freedom, Equality, and Justice by prioritizing the inclusion of mechanisms that safeguard the rights and interests of all Nigerians, regardless of their numerical strength.

The Itsekiri ethnic group, represented by the Itsekiri Leaders of Thought (ILoT), recently submitted a memorandum to the House of Representatives. In this memorandum, a key advocacy point was the establishment of a new state named Warri state. This proposal, if accepted, would represent a significant development in the region and could have far-reaching implications for the Itsekiri people and the broader Niger Delta community.

The presentation of this memorandum by the ILoT highlights the active engagement of the Itsekiri community in the political process and their efforts to advocate for their interests and aspirations. The call for the creation of Warri state reflects the desire of the Itsekiri people to have a more localized governance structure that is better aligned with their cultural, social, and economic needs.

The presentation of this memorandum to the House of Representatives underscores the importance of dialogue, negotiation, and advocacy in the pursuit of political objectives. It signals the Itsekiri community’s commitment to peaceful and constructive engagement with the relevant authorities to advance their interests and secure a more inclusive and responsive governance framework.

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