ubec plans conference to enhance education through technology

By Timipre Abowei May22,2024

The Universal Basic Education Commission’s upcoming event, the 2024 African Edutech Conference, signals a pivotal opportunity for education stakeholders across the continent to convene and engage in crucial discussions on the revitalization of the education system through the adoption and integration of technology. The conference aims to serve as a platform for sharing innovative strategies, best practices, and insights to enhance the quality and effectiveness of education delivery in Africa.

Key objectives of the conference include exploring the latest trends in educational technology, showcasing successful Edutech initiatives, and fostering collaborations among policymakers, educators, technologists, and other key stakeholders. Through interactive sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities, participants will have the chance to gain valuable knowledge, exchange ideas, and forge partnerships that can drive meaningful change in education.

Furthermore, the event is expected to feature renowned speakers, thought leaders, and experts in the field of education technology, providing attendees with valuable perspectives and insights to inspire and inform their own efforts in leveraging technology for educational advancement. The 2024 African Edutech Conference promises to be a dynamic and transformative gathering that holds great promise for shaping the future of education in Africa.

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