Tantita Security Services personnel, Causes Economic Sabotage On Tans-forcados Pipeline (TFP) says Niger Delta Security Watch

Niger Delta Security Watch (NDSW)


Our attention has been drawn to a publication by a sponsored faceless group; the Niger Delta Stakeholders Forum (NDSF) over their accusation of Pipeline Infrastructure Surveillance Limited (PINL) of (“pocketing Billions of Naira every month doing nothing about the Pipeline Surveillance Contract awarded to it”.
Ordinarily, we would have ignored it because it is done by a group of hungry, frustrated youths who normally hide under ethnic tension to feather their nest but because it has to do with the National Economy and Sabotage of operations of critical assets we have chosen to respond.

It is sad that the management of Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited will go to this length in their campaign of blackmail and calumny against another Company in the guise of trying to secure a contract. It is a well known fact that since the rebranding of the defunct Global West Vessels Security Limited as Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited and subsequent entry into the Pipeline Surveillance Contract award, there has been clandestine activities by the Management of Tantita against PINL due to greed, ethnic bias, and an obvious ethnic agenda to subdue, colonise, oppress, eliminate, and change the identity of the Itsekiri Homeland.
Aside, the stage managed Nollywood style arrest and burning of old hired vessels by Tantita as showmanship for the media to give them accolades for what they are not doing, it is being alledged that the Management of Tantita also goes as far as sabotaging the Operations of PINL just to give it a bad name.

Our investigation revealed that it is the kiths and kins of the Management of Tantita that causes economic sabotage on the Tans-Forcados Pipeline (TFP) using the cover of their company Security operatives.
It is also on records that Tantita has had security issues with the Nigerian Navy at various points in their operations but has been using money to cover up their track through their proxies in Abuja.
We wish to put it on record that 80% of the Tans-Forcados-Pipeline is in Omadino Land and Tantita seeking the revocation of the Surveillance contract of PINL along the TFP is as a result of greed and an assumption by their management that they own sophisticated weapons that can be used to cause economic damage should their request is not granted.
The NDSF is an appendage of Tantita else it wouldn’t have denied the fact that Tantita stage managed the protest against itself in Lagos to curry the sympathy of unsuspecting Itsekiris in Warri and as a magnanimous people those from Warri South under Tantita payroll were led to believed that their source of lively will be soon be cut off hence some of them went for the staged press Conference at Ugbodede.

It is on record that all those who attended the press Conference are employees of Tantita and not Itsekiri stakeholders. We wish to inform the world that the Itsekiri stakeholders from Host Communities of the TFP will speak at the appropriate time.
The NDSF is also hallucinating by saying PINL handles over 80% of pipeline surveillance contract in the Niger Delta while Tantita handles less than 20%. If there is anything to take home from this, it is the fact that Tantita is being pushed by greed and lost for power to acquire illicit wealth and take what does not belong them.
The Federal Government should know that though Tompolo accepted Amnesty, he has used the Pipeline Surveillance Contract over the years to acquire arms and a path way for which it will become possible to declare the Niger Delta Republic, even the military knows that currently the Tantita security company holds the largest number of military arms in the Country awaiting when they declare Niger Delta Republic with the Headquarters at Oporaza.

It is a clear indication from the current happening, that
Tompolo has been meticulously working towards this plan since its MEND days, and upon acceptance of Amnesty he floated Global West Vessel Security Limited. Global West Vessel Security Limited in conjunction with NIMASA during President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to import heavy arms including apache helicopter for warfare to the country. One should question were are those arms and amination today, why will an ex militant be requested by a government to purchase arms for the country if not to grant them an opportunity declare Niger Delta Republic. It is also on good record that the new date for this proposed declaration is 2026, this they are currently achieving through working with some foreign partners to actualize, hence the continous festivals in Oporaza and seeking patronage from top politicians, top millitary brass, and first class traditional rulers like the Ooni of Ife to actualize their dreams.


George Fiberesima

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