Omadino Community Address Falsehood Told Against Pipeline Infrastructure and also calls On the presidency to address the Marginalization of Omadino Community By Tantitan Security

By Timipre Abowei May13,2024

In light of recent defamatory claims circulating on social media regarding the services provided by Pipeline Infrastructure Ltd, the Omadino community has felt compelled to address these falsehoods. Chief Priest Rolland Yomere of Omadino has come forward to set the record straight. He confirms that Pipeline Infrastructure Ltd has been diligent in fulfilling its surveillance contract with the community. Yomere emphasizes that the company has actively contributed to the local economy by providing job opportunities to Omadino’s youth and consistently ensuring timely payment of wages on the 27th of every month.

Furthermore, the elders of Omadino maintain their unwavering support for Pipeline Infrastructure Ltd and have expressed a vote of confidence in the company. They are calling upon the government to assign more projects to the company due to its positive impact on the community.

Additionally, concerns were raised regarding Tantitan Security, a company operated by Tompolo, which has reportedly ceased payment to its workers in Omadino for over two years. The elders noted that Tantitan only disbursed three months’ worth of wages before halting payments altogether. This stark comparison underscores the reliability and commitment of Pipeline Infrastructure Ltd in fulfilling its obligations to the Omadino community.

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