Minister Nyesom Wike Vows to Defeat Political Opportunists in Rivers State

Minister Nyesom Wike

The Federal Capital Territory Minister, Nyesom Wike, affirmed his determination to overcome opportunistic politicians in Rivers State. Wike made these remarks in Port Harcourt during a special Thanksgiving event hosted by Kingsley Chinda, the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, to celebrate his birthday and new role in the National Assembly.

Reflecting on past events, Wike noted that Kingsley Chinda, whom he considered one of the finest contenders, could have been his successor in 2023 but faced undue pressure. He expressed disappointment in some Ikwerre individuals who, despite initially rejecting subordinate roles, now seek them eagerly.

Wike emphasized the authenticity of Ikwerre ethos, stating that genuine contenders emerge closer to the end rather than at the outset, as per tradition. He urged disregarding those who lack resilience in the face of adversity, referring to them as political opportunists, whom he vows to continually thwart.

“In the drumbeat of politics,” he asserted, “true contenders reveal themselves in due time. I will persist in defeating these political harlots. What’s certain, remains so,” Wike concluded

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