Itsekiri youths, led by Comrade Gbubemi Awala, the state general secretary, boycott the Coalition of Delta Indigenous Youth Leaders Forum over the unjust and illegal replacement of the Itsekiri LGA chairmen by the state chairman, Mr. Gometi Otaodjigwu Crested.

The Coalition Of Delta Indigenous Youth Leaders Forum, led by Mr. Gometi Otaodjigwu Crested as Chairman, has proven to be a group without integrity. Comrade Gbubemi Awala, the State Secretary of the Group, in a protest, confirms the hostile treatment of the state chairman against the Itsekiri youths in the group. Comrade Gbubemi, who is also a board of trustee member, complained about the tribalistic attitude of the state Chairman who played the tribalistic card during the appointment of the state executive chairmen who replaced all Itsekiri statesmen previously appointed in both state and local government seats with Ijaw and Urhobo, thereby ensuring that no Itsekiri is a local government chairman in the 25 local government.

Comrade Oritseneye Golly, who was the original appointed Chairman of Warri South West, gave his side of the story on what transpired that led to the unjust and tribalistic replacement by Mr. Gometi Otaodjigwu Crested and Mrs. Ejiro Stella Mesahrun, the Welfare Officer.

According to Comrade Golly Oritseneye, the general public should take note that there is no peace and unity in the group called Coalition of Delta Indigenous Youth Leaders Forum.

The group was anti-Itsekiri. For the recent time I joined the group based on the aims and objectives, and I find out that there was no unity of purpose. The Group was filled with biased mindset and ethnic sentiment against the Itsekiri people.

I was introduced to the group by the State Secretary General, Comrade Gbubemi Awala, and he was the only Itsekiri that was active among the rest Itsekiri in the State Executive. They can’t be silent with their ethnic bully. The other Itsekiri members in the state executive have been mute for long because they don’t have that strength for battling with tribalistic activities from the state executives; some of them are no longer participating in the activities of the group while others left the group.

There was a time the state executive sent a notification on the general platform that they wanted to set up LGA executives from the 25 LGA in Delta State.

They wrote out a memo that any interested persons should apply and he or she must be a member of their youth executive in any locality, neither former nor present, he or she can still be a member of any of the recognized body in their kingdom.

The group Chairman brought out the 3 important executives for the LGA they would like to work with in their various LGA.

These are the three positions:

1. Chairman

2. Secretary

3. Woman leader

They told us that it will be first to come and first to serve.

The day they scheduled for the appointment meeting in their secretariat at Udu Road before the Udu bridge, I, Comrade Golly went there as the first candidate that showed interest in the position for the chairman of Warri South West LGA, while another Itsekiri candidate from the Warri South LGA showed interest for the position of the chairman.

We paid our money instantly. I paid my money via transfer, the evidence is there, before the scheduled date for the state Secretary General based on the directives from the state chairman while the Itsekiri candidate in Warri South LGA paid his own in cash.

After the screening and interviewed, we were qualified and the State Chairman confirmed US as the chairmen for our individual LGA who will represent and we still have the vento power to nominate our secretary and woman leader and set up our own executive in our various LGA.

I personally went ahead to pick an Ijaw man from the Gbaramatu axis, Comrade Mieyenteigha James Arereboh as the secretary and he is the current Oporoza Youth President, while I picked the woman leader from Ugborodo axis Ajudaibo precisely Lady Grace Anderson while I represent the Deghele community as the chairman in the Benin river axis, all in Warri South West LGA, this was done on the ground that the Itsekiris have 6 wards and the Ijaw has 4 ward in the Warri South West local government council.

I submitted the names of the Executives in Warri south west and the group acknowledged it and they promised to give US our appointment later in due period.

A few days ago we all got a message that we should send our passports again that a list of state executive local government chairman needs to be done urgently, we all submitted only to get the shock of our lives.

After passing through all the necessary process without failure from any angle, this anti-Itsekiri group just came up with new chairmen that were not with US during the appointment time they scheduled for the first day to occupy the position of Warri South West LGA which I’m operating with an Ijaw candidate without any due process. One Mr. Aken E. Edwin was appointed as chairman of Warri Southwest, an Ijaw man, another Mr. Aboh G. Francis was appointed as Chairman in Warri North local government and finally they appointed one Mr. Efetobor Edafe Henry as Chairman in Warri South, an Urhobo man, with this there was no Itsekiri chairmen among the 25 chairmen in the state. I never knew tribal bigotry is this bad in the chairman’s blood, it’s sad.

They used an Urhobo candidate to checkmate the existing Itsekiri chairman in Warri South Comrade Samson Efejuku while they put an Ijaw man in Warri North and other Ijaw and Urhobo LGA is still vacant where there are no candidates up to this moment.

It was pretty obvious that this group was anti-Itsekiri. Most times when other ethnic groups posted the happenings in their tribe and community in the WhatsApp platform nobody would go against it, but anytime any Itsekiri post their own the state executive will delete it, and when the Itsekiri people will ask the reasons for such, they will all gang up attacking the Itsekiri people.

I, Comrade Oritseneye M. Golly, who is the chairman of COALITION OF DELTA INDIGENOUS YOUTH LEADERS FORUM Warri South West, am pulling out from the group because of the anti-Itsekiri attitude and ethnic bully to the Itsekiri people in the group, and I will advise all my Itsekiri brothers and sisters to exit the group to avoid ethnic political crisis.

I’m still using this medium to inform the Delta government, the commissioner Of Youths, Hon Isaac Weyinmi, traditional rulers, etc., that this group will cause more damage than peace for the state hence should be checked mate.

The Itsekiri people have become an easy prey for all tribal bully and oppression and it’s really sad. We could see how no Itsekiri got a position among the first ten positions in the State in the current Rt Hon Sheriff administration as Governor of Delta State. This oppression has to stop.

Comrade Awala has also pulled out from the group because an ethnic coalition group in Delta state without Itsekiri is incomplete and according to him, he will not be a part of an organization that oppresses his people.

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