Women Group dismisses Allegations Against NNPCL Executive Vice President

Mrs Oritsemeyiwa Eyesan

The Niger Delta Women for Change (NDWC) have rejected allegations of racketeering in oil pipeline surveillance contracts against Mrs. Oritsemeyiwa Eyesan, the Executive Vice President (Upstream) of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Ltd (NNPCL). The group, represented by NDWC President Esiri Ikomoni, deemed the accusations “baseless” during a press conference in Warri, Delta State, and expressed unwavering support for Mrs. Eyesan.

Ikomoni, accompanied by Oritsemisan Juliet and Sophia Tamaralayefa, the group’s secretary and public relations officer, defended Mrs. Eyesan’s professional track record and ethical conduct. The NDWC president emphasized that the NNPCL maintains a commitment to transparency and accountability in its operations. Ikomoni stated, “NNPCL adheres to a strict and transparent procurement process, ensuring that contracts are awarded based on merit, competitiveness, and compliance with all relevant regulations.”

The group urged the public and the media to exercise caution in spreading unverified information and encouraged them to await the outcome of official investigations into the allegations. Expressing confidence in Mrs. Eyesan’s integrity, Ikomoni asserted that the truth would prevail.

Highlighting Mrs. Eyesan’s role as a key strategist in one of Africa’s major companies, Ikomoni emphasized her leadership in developing corporate strategy, influencing government policies and regulations, and orchestrating commercial agreements for local and multinational projects. The NDWC president denounced recent attempts to undermine Mrs. Eyesan’s contributions, labeling them as malicious and driven by tribalistic blackmail.

In response to the attacks, Mrs. Eyesan remains dedicated to professionalism and inclusivity, according to Ikomoni. The group’s president praised Mrs. Eyesan’s commitment to advancing the energy industry, irrespective of tribal affiliations, as a testament to her vision for a unified and prosperous Nigeria.

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