IHF Writes Oborevwori Over ‘Misleading Nomenclature’ Of Agbassa People And Their King In Warri South

Your Excellency, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori, Executive Governor of Delta State,

We, the members and leaders of the Itsekiri Historical Front, wish to use this medium to formally draw your attention to the illegality perpetuated by your media team. The team posted on the official page of the Delta State Government a misleading nomenclature regarding the Agbassa people and their illegal king recognized by the Delta State Governor on Itsekiri land.

We wish to place it on record that, while the Itsekiri people value peace, it is necessary to correct the wrong information as it relates to the gazette by the Delta State Government (unless it is amended). The Delta State Government gazetted the title of the Agbassa people as “The Ovie of Agbarha,” and not “The Ovie of Agbarha-Warri Kingdom.” The Warri Kingdom is the kingdom of the Itsekiri people, headed by The Olu of Warri Kingdom.

While presenting the staff of office at the event, your Deputy constantly used the word “Ovie of Agbarha-Warri Kingdom,” which is a pure illegality sponsored by your government. This is a government that should be protecting the laws and the Constitution it swore to protect. We hope you will be able to defend the aftermath of this lawlessness being perpetuated by you.

We want to put it on record that we don’t live in a lawless society, and as a group, we respect historical records. Hence, we have taken the pain to make our position public. Your Excellency, we understand that you have a personal relationship with Mr. Kingsley Kaka Orereh, who is currently the Ovie of Agbarha in Warri South. We implore you to call your media handlers to order to correct this wrong and illegal title and follow the gazette.

The people of Agbassa do not have the lawful right to use the title, as the law states. The former Deputy Senate President, Sen. Omo-Agege, who is a key sponsor of the Agbarha people, did not address him as the state Government official handle has done, and the Deputy Governor did at the event in Ogunu. As a lawyer, the former Sen. knew the implications behind the conflicting Agbarha title and did not want to get involved with it.

Your Excellency, as a lawful nation, we maintain our stand that the original gazette should be followed, as it is bonded by law as “The Ovie of Agbarha.”


Comr. Lilywhite O. Esigbone
Chairman, Itsekiri Historical Front

Comr. Silva Samuel
Secretary, Itsekiri Historical Front

Comr. Kwame Woode
Public Relations Officer, Itsekiri Historical Front

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